Non-Sterile Ear Range

Non-Sterile Ear Range

Adept Medical’s extensive NeoZoline non-sterile ear range incudes a selection of single-use instruments and all-in-one procedure packs intended to prepare the ear for screening and diagnostic purposes in both clinical and audiological settings.

Cerumen Management (NS)

Cerumen Management Kit

The Adept Medical Cerumen Management Kit provides a selection of high quality, single-use instruments commonly used for ear toileting procedures.

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Ear Specula

The advanced design of the Adept Medical Ear Specula provides maximum patient comfort and superior operational vision.

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Micro Ear Forceps

The single-use stainless steel Micro Ear Forceps are available in three variations of size to suit a wide range of patients, including 4mm jaw, 7mm jaw and the 4mm Ultra-Fine varieties.

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Cerumen Management Probes (NS)

Cerumen Management Probes (Non-Sterile)

The unique single-use Adept Medical Cerumen Management Probe range provides ease in loosening hard wax and other obstacles from the ear canal.

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Micro Ear Suction Tubes (NS)

Micro Ear Suction Tubes

Adept Medical's range of Micro Ear Suction Tubes provide an effective solution for the suction of fluids and other media from the ear canal.

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Suction Controller

Designed for use with our range of Micro Ear Suction Tubes, the Suction Controller simply clips onto the end of the Suction Tube, providing the clinician with control over the level of suction used during procedures, through a thumb vent mechanism.

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Although reusable items can initially appear to be more cost-effective, single-use instruments exhibit many benefits in a healthcare environment when considering patient safety, reduced costs and streamlined re-processing.  

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