Sterile Ear Range

Sterile Ear Range

Adept Medical’s comprehensive sterile ear range includes a collection of single-use instruments, implantable devices and all-in-one procedure packs designed for the treatment of Otitis Media in Hospital, Primary Care and Audiological use

Otological Ventilation Tubes - (S)


The Armstrong Ventilation Tube has been designed to aid in insertion, retention and visibility.

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Collar Button

The Collar Button Ventilation Tube is symmetrical in design with an outer flange for additional security to prevent premature extrusion.

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The Shepard Ventilation Tube provides minimal disturbance to the tympanic membrane during insertion.

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Shah and Shah Mini

The Shah Ventilation Tube range has been designed with a tab on the outer flange for ease of insertion and to help prevent premature extrusion.

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Otological Ventilation Tubes  (S)


The T-Tube Ventilation Tube is designed with soft flanges that open out after insertion.

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Straight Tube

The Straight Tube Ventilation Tube has been designed with a small flange for easy insertion.

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Bevel Bobbin

The Bevel Bobbin Ventilation Tube has a unique bell-shaped outer flange.

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The Donaldson Ventilation Tube with a dual flange design for additional security to prevent premature extrusion. 

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OVT Display Case

Otological Display Case

Adept Medical understands the importance of educating and making patients feel at ease before a procedure. Our Otological Display Case allows you to show your patient the exact type of grommet they will receive.

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Myringotomy (S)

Myringotomy Kits

The Myringotomy Kit range provides a selection of sterile, high-quality, single-use instruments that are conveniently and economically packaged, designed for surgical theatres and clinics.

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Myringotomy Knife

The Myringotomy Knife is used to pierce and incise the tympanic membrane for grommet insertion.

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Micro Ear Suction Tubes (S)

Micro Ear Suction Tubes

Adept Medical's range of Micro Ear Suction Tubes provide an effective solution for the suction of fluids and other media from the ear canal.

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Suction Controller

Designed for use with our range of Micro Ear Suction Tubes, the Suction Controller simply clips onto the end of the Suction Tube, providing the clinician with control over the level of suction used during procedures, through a thumb vent mechanism.

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Micro Ear Suction Tube + Controller Packs

A convenient pack containing a single-use Adept Medical Suction Tube and Controller, providing ease of set up for the clinician.

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Cerumen Management Probes (S)

Cerumen Management Probes (Sterile)

The Jobson Horne Probes for cerumen management are dual-ended to aid in the gentle and easy extraction of cerumen in the ear canal.

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Although reusable items can initially appear to be more cost-effective, single-use instruments exhibit many benefits in a healthcare environment when considering patient safety, reduced costs and streamlined re-processing.  

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