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Antegrade IR Platform Launch

Antegrade IR Platform Launch

[Aug 28, 2019]

Adept Medical is pleased to announce the launch of the Antegrade IR Platform.

The Antegrade IR Platform offers a stable, radiolucent, height and length appropriate work surface for the antegrade femoral approach. It is the ultimate solution for catheter/guide wire manipulation, presenting a large surface area conveniently aligned with the femoral artery site for supporting equipment during a procedure.

Key Features:

Strong, stable work-surface

Fits all tables

Alignment with Femoral site

Quick set-up and removal

Easy positioning


Easy to clean

The Antegrade IR Platform will be available from Adept Medical from September 1st, 2019.

For more product information visit:


IR Platform to Retrograde IR Platform

As the Adept Medical product portfolio expands, particularly within our Femoral Access work surface devices, we have changed the product name of the existing IR Platform to the Retrograde IR Platform, providing clinicians with direction for the intended use of each device.

Please Note: All previous elements of the Retrograde IR Platform stand, as previously marketed, including product codes and design features. https://www.adeptmedicaltraining.com/retrogradeirplatform